The REAL Mary MacKillop
The Real Mary MacKillop
Blessed Mary of the Cross, Mother Mary MacKillop,
traditional Catholic, please pray for us!
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The REAL Mary Mackillop
By Arnold Jago

Why the “REAL” Mary MacKillop?

Has not the story of Mother Mary MacKillop been told over and over again in books, movies and free-to-air media?

This new book claims that what you have heard so far was not about the REAL Mary MacKillop and that you have been misled.

This book challenges wrong assumptions that have been put around about Blessed Mary.

This book reveals the REAL Mary MacKillop –- so much greater, more heroic, more holy, more courageous –- and more relevant to our 21st century world –- than we were ever told before.

Was she a “rebel”? Was she a “feminist”? Or was she something/somebody infinitely greater and more important than all that?

How do we know that this book really presents the REAL Mary Mackillop?

Because it is packed with quotes direct from the letters written by Blessed Mary herself –- hundreds of them.

It portrays Blessed Mary, who died in 1909, revisiting this 21st century world with a message a hundred years later in 2009 . . . .

Visiting a simple country doctor in rural Australia going about his business of looking down throats and doing house-calls . . . .

Telling him the story of her life in the 19th century, with many digressions about how 21st century Australians need to revisit her original message to learn how better to live . . . .

Digressions which include pleas, entreaties, even threats, reminding us moderns of the values by which she lived -- and which we have conveniently forgotten.

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The Real Mary MacKillop

The Real Mary MacKillop Book

224 pages

25 chapters

21 black & white illustrations

The REAL Mary MacKillop Book

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Stress And Common Sense
By Arnold Jago

Most of us have to face up to our share of stress. It is always a challenge. Whether it becomes a problem mainly depends on how we go about dealing with it.

Stress can be a complicated business -- with medical, psychological and spiritual aspects.

This small (64-page) book offers you, the reader, a guide to one practical way of coping with stress -- a way anybody can follow. What this book describes is not the only way to deal with stress, but it offers a method that does work.

Doctor Arnold Jago worked for over 20 years as a surgeon in the United Kingdom, Australia and Fiji. He now practices as a one-man, self-employed general practitioner in Mildura, a rural city of 25,000 people on Australia’s Murray River.

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Stress And Common Sense

Stress & Common Sense
Stress & Common Sense

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